30 caL. Fudge Bars!

A family owned and operated company that is determined to create healthy, nutritious, creamy, and delicious desserts.

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From our first all low calorie frozen yogurt shop... 


Manufactured in the rocky mountains!


To our most recent addition of 30 calorie fudge bars for grocery stores, we have been creating the best possible products we can, for friends like you to enjoy everyday!


For fundraisers & events you would like Sweet 8 bars to be a part of, email product requests to info@sweet8products.com


We are committed to innovation for our customers. Thank you all for the inspirational stories and truly blessing us by showing the need and want for these bars in your home freezers! 


Find a store on the Retail Stores page for locations you can purchase Sweet 8 Fudge Bars or download and bring in a product request form to your favorite store!


Quick trivia: The three founding members at their highest weights have weighed over 1,090 pounds combined and Combined we have lost over 400 pounds of that so far!

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                                                                                                                               Lab results or other nutritional questions click here

Store Locator

Make sure to download and bring in a product request form to your favorite store to get the bars near you faster!

Stores that carry our Sweet 8 bars below, if you are not near any of our current stores you can purchase them online shipped directly to you inside of the continental U.S.! STORE

Boulder & Louisville
Boulder & Longmont
Coming soon!

Dukes Corner store in Cherry Creek also carries Sweet 8 fudge bars!

If you are a grocery/retail store and would like to add our products to your freezer please email us at info@sweet8products.com


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